[ENG SUB]Trailer 3! Joy of life Ep37 (Zhang Ruoyun, Li Qin, Xiao Zhan)

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Joy of Life (Zhang Ruoyun, Xiao Zhan, Li Qin)
Genres: Historical, Comedy, Conspiracy, Wuxia

💬Plot summary:
Fan Xian grew up in a small town by the sea with his grandmother, following a sudden visit of a poison master, his peaceful life quickly morph into one filled with danger and hardship. After becoming rather skilled with medicine, poison and martial arts, he goes to the capital to find out more about his mysterious mother. He ends up on an adventure of marvelling the world, getting tangled in politics, finding true love, figuring out his purpose in life and secrets of his world.

Fan Xian - Zhang Ruoyun
Lin Wan'er - Li Qin
Emperor Qing - Chen Daoming
Yan Bingyun - Xiao Zhan

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