Ro Ghoul Hack 🔥 OP AUTOFARM SCRIPT GUI 🔥 Roblox Ro-Ghoul Script

Ro-Ghoul Hack
Ro-Ghoul Script
Roblox Ro-Ghoul Hack

hello guys.
Here i have this script gui for Ro-Ghoul Hack which is good because of its functions. You can autofarm and auto train to get alot of lvl. You can choose which mob to autofarm and also you can auto quest script. It will also auto focus on the thing you choose.

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OK guys as you can see in the video the script was farming and actually i was gaining levels meaning that it was working. You can farm all the mobs including bosses or boss with this script.

Game - Link🔥

Also the script gui has an customizable esp hack which is very cool and yeah i hope you enjoy this script ok.

🔧Do you have problems with KRNL?🔧

Make sure you have those programs installed :

1. Directx:

2. Visual C++ Redistributable (x64 & x86):

3. .NET Framework (4.7.2+): https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download...

You need those installed also make sure you disabled antivirus too.

Krnl only works on :
Windows 8.1+ (including Windows 8.1), preferrable 64-bit OS.


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Ro-Ghoul Hacks


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