Entertainment Road Trip (Filming Locations) - Smallville

Join me as I take you on a tour of a lot of the filming locations from the hit TV series Smallville!

UPDATE 2/10/2020 : Someone recently pointed out that at 10:36 I state there is "no dock anymore"(On the lake) . But in actuality the dock is still there, it's just on the opposite side (North Beach) of the lake ! Still the same location though, it's just a small detail I must have missed.

I do not own any music used in this project, all rights reserved to their own distribution companies


"Save Me" Instrumental by Remy Zero(1:10-2:30)
"My Friends Over You" by New Found Glory(2:58-3:37)
"Motivation" by Sum 41(3:38-4:19)
"The Middle" Instrumental by Jimmy Eat World(4:20-4:40)
"Unstoppable" by The Calling(4:41-6:24)
"Outtathaway" by The Vines(6:24-7:41)
"Wave Goodbye" by Steadman(7:42-9:03)
"Goodbye Again" by Vertical Horizon(9:04-9:50)
"All The Money Or The Simple Life Honey" by The Dandy Warhols(10:03-11:13)
"Superman" by Stereophonics(12:13-13:50)
"Superman" by Five For Fighting(13:51-15:43)
"Save Me" by Remy Zero(15:44-17:46)

I do not own any of the clips shown from Smallville, Deadpool, Elseworlds or Arrow. All rights go to Disney and Warner Brothers

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