Summerhit - Gypsy (Catch me if You can) - Norda, Mike De Ville ft. Joanna Jones - Official Video

Are you ready for the biggest dancetune of 2018's Summer?
Then GYPSY's what you need! Say AronChupa, Say Tacabro, say GYPSY!


Norda & Mike de Ville - Gypsy (Catch me if you can) ft. Joanna Jones
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Norda’s (real name Daniel Norda) interest in music began as a child when he started taking piano lessons at the age of 10. He made his first attempts to produce music at the tender age of 15! In 2012 Norda got his first break when he was asked to make a remix for a single of the German Planet Punk artists Rocco & Bass-T- “My Heart Beats For The Night”. The following year he released the first of many own releases under the name Norda on Planet Punk, “La Vida Loca,” which was followed by “Storm” and “Dance For Me”, all of which did well in the various German dance charts. As well as being released as singles, they were included on many top German compilations (ie. Sony Music’s Club Sounds).
His production partner on this fantastic new single “Gypsy” is Mike de Ville, who has DJ’ed worldwide since 1991; but he is not just a seasoned DJ, he’s also an excellent dance music producer. His first music productions were made in 1997 with his friend Sascha van Holt, releasing tracks under various project names which achieved high positions in several dance charts. Mike’s first sales hit was with the project Kosmonova vs. C-Star – “The Daydream”. Since that first big success he has toured as a DJ worldwide – from Ibiza to Poland, Austria to Thailand. Too many places to mention! Mike and Sascha eventually teamed up with Rico Bass to form Master Blaster. Master Blaster was a huge success worldwide with hits like “Hypnotic Tango”, “How Old Are U” etc. They were even nominated for one of Germany’s most prestigious music awards – an “Echo”. Mike has continued to work on Master Blaster and various other projects and also on his solo releases under the name Mike de Ville. They have been released on Zooland, Ministry of Sound and many other top German labels. Master Blaster will actually releasing now Singles again and it looks like the act will add to their string of hits. Mike continues to DJ worldwide, so he manages to stay on top of trends and is continually picking up ideas for new and exciting productions.
Daniel Norda and Mike de Ville met by chance at the beginning of 2016. They decided to produce a track together and this was „Close To You“, their first co-production, which was released by the German label Plant Punk. This first production was a good way for them both to see how the other one worked and after “Close To You” was released they decided to sit down together to write and produce a summer hit. After a few creative nights they had made the very first demo for the single “Gypsy (Catch Me If You Can)”. The contact to the vocalist Joanna Jones, who is presently performing in the award-winning musical “Hamilton” on Broadway, came through a long-standing acquaintance of Daniel’s from L.A.. They decided that her charismatic voice was perfect for their new production. Driven by Joanna’s unusual voice and her songwriting skills, Daniel and Mike worked meticulously on their song to get the very best out of it. The result is a mix of Melbourne Bounce with sounds influenced by the music of the 1920s and the Baltic countries, something unusual and very original at the moment, giving the single an extremely fresh and new sound for the summer.

Music video by Marc Helfers – Neue Stereo, Dancers: Holy Lindy Land, Mike De Ville performing Gypsy (Catch Me If You Can).
(C) 2017 Emma Herkes, Deal Consultant, Germany, under exclusive license to La Musique Du Beau Monde/The Other Way BVBA – Benelux

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