White Lion & Brothers Hunting Giraffe

Casper the famous white lion of Kruger National Park and his brothers gave an ambitious chase to hunt a giraffe.


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They must of recently eaten and weren't too serious about hunting the giraffe.It was quite funny to watch though.

Casper is one of three white lions in the Kruger National Park South Africa.
The white lion is a rare color mutation of the lion, specifically in Southern African lions.It is believed less than 15 white lions live in their natural habitat currently. While zoos and sanctuaries around the world boast a much higher population of captive white lions.

With this being said it is extremely rare finding a white lion in the wild and one should count themselves lucky.

Graeme Mitchley who is a frequent Kruger goer and wildlife enthusiast was lucky to capture this incredible sighting in January 2020 on the S126 Kruger National Park at Sweni waterhole.The scenes that unfolded, were that out of a wildlife/Animal documentary, with the white lion and his brothers giving chase to the Giraffe but clearly were not that hungry

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